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  • "I feel so fortunate to have this wonderful program to turn to. All the staff have become like family."

    B.A.S.E. parent from 2012-13 survey

  • "We absolutely adore the BASE Program. The staff are all wonderful! We would be lost without this amazing program. Thank you just isn't enough."

    B.A.S.E. parent from 2013-14 survey

  • ''Wonderful, caring staff members who genuinely care and are always looking for ways to keep the kids stimulated.

    B.A.S.E. parent from 2012-13 survey

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Before and After School Enterprise

Our BASE Programs

Douglas County students ages five to thirteen years are eligible to access our on-site school-age child care programs. BASE provides safe, fun, enriching, and affordable care for your child.  

School Breaks

About Before and After School Enterprise (B.A.S.E.)

Douglas County students ages five through thirteen years are eligible to access our on-site school-age child care programs.

Children who participate in our programs acquire the knowledge and abilities to make educated choices concerning their social, emotional, and physical health while learning principles of respect, integrity, honesty, and responsibility.

Benefits of our B.A.S.E. programs:

  • All staff are Douglas County School District employees
  • On-site convenience for families
  • Strong school partnership
  • District oversight and support
  • Licensed through State of Colorado Division of Child Care
  • Several sites recognized as accredited through Council on Accreditation

Many of our sites provide the following services:

  • Before and After School Programs

  • Kindergarten Enrichment

  • School Breaks (and professional development days)

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Our BASE Programs

We encourage families to begin by contacting the BASE programs directly via the link above.

For District-wide Issues:
Paula Zwemke
DCSD B.A.S.E. Director

Our Before and After School Programs give children a safe and fun place to be in the early morning and late afternoon.  Hours vary by program. 

In the Before School Program children have the opportunity to "wake up" in a relaxed environment and have a smooth transition into the school day.  Children are able to choose from a variety of games and activities planned and implemented by BASE staff. On different occasions children will be able to enjoy crafts, play games, exercise in the gym or playground, and work on homework or projects.   Each of our programs have different opportunities available for your child.

In the After School Program the bell rings and we are off and running! Children are accounted for through our check-in process and enjoy a snack, either provided by the program or parents, depending on the site. Then we begin our afternoon, providing a variety of choices for children, including opportunities to socialize, play games, and participate in arts and crafts activities and projects.  We also provide homework support to children based on individual needs.  


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Our BASE Programs

We encourage families to begin by contacting the BASE programs directly, via the link above.

BASE Department Issues:
Paula Zwemke
DCSD B.A.S.E. Director

Kindergarten Enrichment (KE) is half-day child care that complements your child's half-day kindergarten class.

KE is available at a select number of locations, based on need and space available.  

Our KE programs provide an excellent choice for families.  Our top priorities are safety, enrichment, and fun learning opportunities for our young learners!!


Your child is always escorted by our staff to and from the Kindergarten classroom, our Kindergarten Enrichment (KE) classroom, and the cafeteria.  B.A.S.E. staff must go through the same background checks as all DCSD employees. Our program meets all state licensing requirements for a school aged childcare program.   KE is either in the main building or housed in a classroom modular, so your child does not leave the premises for any reason.  Our staff is committed to our KE students and the same friendly faces are with them everyday.


We have fun learning activities and opportunities for children to practice the skills they are learning in kindergarten. We have guided centers where our imaginations rule and laughter is our music.   Young children are active learners who need to touch, feel, experiment, and create and we provide an environment for children to actively engage on these experiences.  It is our priority to build their confidence through learning and play.  Our children make new friends, embark on personal discoveries, and most of all…grow.

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Our BASE Programs

We encourage families to begin by contacting the BASE programs directly, via the link above.

BASE Department Issues:
Paula Zwemke
DCSD B.A.S.E. Director

The School Break Program is offered on specific days, and seasonal breaks, when children are not attending school. ​

BASE incorporates a balance of social interaction, academic learning, engaging crafts, onsite themed activities, offsite field trips and physical education to make the day exciting and meaningful for your child.

We help children explore the endless amount of fun that Colorado has to offer with fun field trips at exciting destinations.  We also provide exciting, engaging activity choices on-site.  

Upcoming School Break activity calendars are available at your BASE Program, please contact staff or go to the program's website for more information. 

Look for BASE during fall, winter, spring and summer breaks!

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Our BASE Programs

We encourage families to begin by contacting the BASE programs directly, via the link above.

BASE Department Issues:
Paula Zwemke
DCSD B.A.S.E. Director

B.A.S.E. Programs

General Information can be found here!

Programs are listed by region

Please look for your area BASE Program below!
Links to individual websites are available.
Contact the BASE Director with specific questions

B.A.S.E. Programs Codes
B&A: Before and After School Programs
KE: Kindergarten Enrichment Program
SB: School Breaks  (Seasonal School Breaks, and/or Professional Development Days)
Pre-K: Pre-Kindergarten Program


Buffalo Ridge
BASE Program

Program: 303-387-5822
Site Manager: Paul Brandt
Program Mobile: 720-880-8155
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Castle Rock Elementary
No B.A.S.E. Program
Contact Springboard Schools Director:

Carmen Senter- Area Manager


Clear Sky
Bison Buddies BASE Program 

Program: 303-387-5921
Site Manager: Sterling DeCosta
Program Mobile: 720-880-8154
Programs: B&A, SB

BASE Program

Program: 303-387-5254
Site Manager: Johanna Davey
Program Mobile: 303 947-2604
Programs: B&A, SB

Meadow View
Lion’s Den BASE Program

Program: 303-387-5432
Site Manager: Angela Dunnigan
Program Mobile: 303-387-5498
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Renaissance Expeditionary Learning /

Camelot BASE Program
Program: 303-387-8038
Site Manager: Heidi Baus
Program Mobile: 303-489-4898
Programs: B&A, SB

Rock Ridge Elementary
B.A.S.E. Program
Program:  303-514-9795
Site Manager: Johnathan Hawkins
Program Mobile303 514-9795
Programs: B&A, SB

Sage Canyon Elementary
B.A.S.E. Program
Program:  303-514-7202
Site Manager: Hollie Blachard
Program Mobile: 303-514-7202
Programs: B&A, SB 

Soaring Hawk
Hawk’s Nest BASE Program

Program: 303-387-5847
Site Manager: Maureen Pandolfi
Program Mobile: 303-242-9393
Programs: B&A, SB

Timber Trail
BASE Program

Program: 303-387-5756
Site Manager: Janie Ino
Program Mobile: 303-387-5756
Programs: B&A, SB



Acres Green
BASE Program

Program: 303-387-7185
Site Manager: Austin Olsen
Program Mobile: 303 668-0562
Programs: B&A, SB

Backyard Grizzlies BASE Program

Program: 303-387-6902
Site Manager: Amy Valdez
Program Mobile: 303-425-9758
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Copper Mesa
BASE Program

Program: 303-387-7394
Site Manager: Jessica Anderson
Program Mobile: 303-503-2962
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Cougar Run
Cougar Club and
Little Cougar’s BASE Programs

Program: 303-387-6688
Site Manager: Judith Zinda
Program Mobile: 303-908-9511
Programs: B&A, KE, SB, Pre-K

Eagle Ridge
BASE Program

Program : 303-387-7090
Site Manager: Branden Steinbach
Program Mobile: 303-476-8810
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Lone Tree
Magnet Lion’s Club BASE Program

Program: 303-387-7464
Site Manager: Kate Rogers
Program Mobile: 303-495-9382[at]dcsdk12[dot]org
Programs: B&A, SB

Fox Creek
BASE Program

Program: 303-387-7014
Site Manager: Faye Thompson
Program Mobile: 303-921-3859
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Daycamp Explorer’s BASE Program

Site Manager: Brenna Barrick
Program Mobile: 303-387-6758
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

BASE Program

Program: 303-387-7320
Site Manager: Kelli Page
Program Mobile: 720-254-5409[at]dcsdk12[dot]org
Programs: B&A, SB

Sand Creek
Adventure and Kinder Club BASE Program

Program: 303-387-6640
Site Manager: Jessica Carter
Program Mobile: 303-912-8571
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Summit View
Voyagers BASE Program

Program: 303-387-6822
Site Manager: Jan Nobles
Program Mobile: 303-387-6822
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Wildcat Mountain
BASE Program

Program: 303-349-1608
Site Manager: Tim Musser
Program Mobile: 303-349-1608
Programs: B&A, 
KE offered for Wildcat students at
 Acres Green BASE, SB


Bear Canyon
BASE Program

Program: 303-387-6502 
Site Manager: Justin Brown
Program Mobile: 303-519-9847
Programs: B&A, KE, SB
Coyote Creek
Daycamp BASE Program

Program: 303-387-6200
Site Manager: Sara Covey
Program Mobile: 303-503-2158
Programs: B&A, KE, SB
Coyote Creek
Little Pups Pre-K Program

Program: 303-387-6218
Site Manager: Michele Stewart
Program Mobile: 303-387-6218
Programs: B&A, Pre-K, SB
All Star’s BASE Program

Program: 303-519-9437
Site Manager: Elizabeth Lopez
Program Mobile: 303-519-9437
Programs: B&A, SB
Southpark Speedster’s BASE Program

Program: 303-387-6574
Site Manager: Brett Peters
Program Mobile: 720-641-7978
Programs: B&A, KE, SB
Roxstars BASE Program

Program: 303-387-7614
Site Manager: Erin Kellerman
Program Mobile: 303-241-7966
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

STEM School 
Spartan BASE Program:
Program: 720-889-5776
Program Supervisor:Ashlie Rossel
Program Mobile: (720) 688-2928
Programs: B&A, SB

Stone Mountain
Imagination Station BASE Program

Program 303-387-7541
Site Manager: Mike Leon
Program Mobile: 303-945-5770
Programs: B&A, KE, SB
BASE Program

Program: 303-387-6300
Site Manager: Amy Dupays
Program Mobile: 303-495-4998
Programs: B&A, KE, SB
Saddle Ranch
BASE Program

Site Manager: Molly Clay
Program Mobile: 303-204-4945
Programs: B&A, KE, SB



Cherokee Trail
Kids Center BASE Program

Program: 303-387-8142
Site Manager: Denise Hollowell-Rowan
Program Mobile: 303-387-8142
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Frontier Valley
Compass Care BASE Program

Program: 303-387-8492
Site Manager: Rachel Lynch
Program Mobile: 303-358-9923
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Gold Rush
BASE Program

Program: 303-387-7722
Site Manager: Sherry Dowling
Program Mobile: 720-880-8156
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Iron Horse
Engineer’s Club BASE Program

Program: 303-387-8598
Site Manager: Robin Roberts
Program Mobileh: 303-263-3370
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Legacy Point
Explorer’s BASE Program

Program: 303-387-8787
Site Manager: Megan Lee
Program Mobile: 303-349-7944
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Mammoth Heights
BASE Program

Program: 303-387-8948
Site Manager: Kim Coquet
Program Mobile: 303-501-4928
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Mountain View
BASE Program

Program: 303-819-0937
Site Manager: Marc Hollins
Program Mobile: 303-255-5591
Programs: B&A, SB also available to Northeast students

Northeast Elementary
Care available at 
Mountain View BASE Program
Program: 303-819-0937
Site Manager: Marc Hollins
Program Mobile: 303-255-5591
Programs: B&A, SB available to Northeast students at Mountain View

Pine Grove
BASE Program

Program: 303-387-8095
Site Manager: Gina (Fischer) Volpi
Program Mobile: 303-519-9845
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Pine Lane
Discovery Club BASE Program

Located at Pine Lane North Campus
Program: 303-387-8300
Site Manager: Sally Smith
Program Mobile: 303-387-8829
Programs: B&A, SB available to Pine Lane North and South Campus students

Wolf Pack BASE Program

Program: 303-387-8414
Site Manager: Jackie McGee
Program Mobile: 303-501-4927
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Prairie Crossing
BASE Program

Program: 303-387-8259
Site Managers: Sara Clay &
Sheri Hernandez
Program Mobile: 720 879-2536
Programs: B&A, KE, SB

Contact Us

We encourage families to begin by contacting the BASE programs directly, via the list to the left.

For District-wide Issues:
Paula Zwemke
DCSD B.A.S.E. Director

Receiving accreditation verifies that our programs meet the highest level of standards and are committed to delivering the highest level of services to our students and families.

Council on Accreditation (COA) After School Standards represent a merging with National Afterschool Association (NAA) standards, which are based on generally-accepted elements of best-practice, outcome-oriented, effective in advancing quality, and responsive to the unique, diverse needs of after school programs. 

We are pleased to announce that our B.A.S.E. programs at Acres GreenMeadow View TrailblazerCopper MesaTimber Trail, Northridge Elementary, Sand CreekLegacy PointLone Tree, Redstone, Soaring Hawk, and Gold Rush have been recognized, with distinction, as accredited by the Council on Accreditation.

Several of our programs were expedited through the Pre-Commission Review Report (PCR) process as a result of being compliant in all of the fundamental practice or core standards. 

We encourage you to read more about COA Accreditation.

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Our BASE Programs

We encourage families to begin by contacting the BASE programs directly, via the link above.

BASE Department Issues:
Paula Zwemke
DCSD B.A.S.E. Director