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Communications Officer

Paula Hans
Public Information Officer

Meet the Communications team

620 Wilcox St.
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Phone: 303-387-0033
Fax: 303-387-0107

The Communications office provides clear, efficient and effective communications about Douglas County School District. As a team, we:

  • Serve as the advisor and liaison between the district, news media and general public so that the public has a better understanding of DCSD initiatives, accomplishments, needs and goals
  • Advise and assist principals and others in the district with news media, extraordinary school or district occurrences and incident/crisis communications
  • Provide district-wide emergency communications to DCSD families, such as during weather closures/delays, incidents/crisis, lockdowns and lockouts
  • Produce written, photographic and video news features highlighting school and district programs, practices and achievements
  • Provide information and communications from the district to employees
  • Support school marketing efforts in areas such as graphic design, website design, social media training, school videos and more
  • Manage district branding and assist other departments with print and digital graphic design needs
  • Obtain resources for DCSD programs and schools through marketing partnerships with companies and organizations in our community
  • Maintain a multitude of communication vehicles, such as E-newsletters, the DCSD website, Livestreamed events, social media, event calendars and more
  • Provide training to DCSD students and staff in video production, live broadcast and video editing, and advice in the setup and upkeep of video production spaces in schools
  • Oversee DCSD's Digital Media Education Studio, maintaining equipment usage and school participation
  • Recognize accomplished students, teachers and leaders at Board of Education meetings


Meet the Communications team

The Douglas County School District is committed to providing our stakeholders, including parents, employees, students and community members with updated and accurate information. 

Emergency Communication

Communication is critical during an emergency. The following are the primary communication avenues we use during a crisis and how to receive them.

Website iconDCSD Website
Alerts posted on front page. No sign up required
School Closure Information

Parent portal iconVoice, Text & Email Messaging
Sign Up: Parent Portal | School Messenger FAQ
School Messenger alerts are sent to families using contacts in Infinite Campus. Guardians must opt in to which messages they want.

Newsline iconNewsline
Sign Up: Constant Contact
Our newsletter tool is used to provide updates to parents.

Mobile app iconDCSD Mobile App
Sign Up: Apple iTunes | Google Play
App available for Android and iPhone
Push notifications are available via our app.

Facebook iconFacebook
Visit our Facebook page and select “friend” to receive updates in your news feed.


Twitter iconTwitter
Visit our Twitter page and select the “follow” option to receive our tweets.


Receive Accurate and Timely Information about the Douglas County School District

You Can Make a Difference


We are Here to Help

  • Ask your principal
  • Talk to your teacher
  • Reach out to the Parent Liaison


We know that different people prefer to receive news and information in different ways. That is why we offer a variety of communication avenues.

Our Communication Avenues

Providing Feedback

DCSD welcomes civil discussion and feedback from stakeholders. We consider you, our students, parents, employees and community members to be a valuable part of the partnership to provide our students the best education possible.

There are many ways you can address concerns, get answers and provide praise. Generally we encourage people to begin with the school or department closest to the issue. We provide contact information on each department and school website.

General feedback and security concerns can be provided via these two avenues:
General Feedback
Safety & Security Feedback

Social Media

The District utilizes social media as part of its effort to provide information to its students, parents, employees and the community. We welcome comments on these sites, but expect the conversation to remain civil, on-topic, and accurate. DCSD reserves the right to remove comments and multiple abuses of our Facebook posting policy may result in a user being banned from DCSD's social media accounts.

Read our Facebook Posting Policy

Submit Stories & Events

Good News

We are always looking for great stories about our students, staff and school communities to feature on our website and in our newsletters.

Good News Submissions

We are passionate about our work. Every morning we get up, ready to have great conversations with our students, parents, employees and community about DCSD, what we have accomplished and where we are going.  

We know that representing more than 67,000 students and 6,700 employees is a big responsibility and one that we take seriously.

Media Relations
The Office of Communications offers assistance to print, online and broadcast media. Our office assists you in shooting news footage, scheduling on-air interviews with Board of Education members, principals, District administration and staff, as well as the Superintendent.

Contact Us

Paula Hans
Public Information Officer

Every day, our identity is a celebration of the work of our 7,000 employees and accomplishments of our more than 60,000 students. That is why we ask our employees and community to treat our brand with respect.



Our logo may have changed its appearance over the years, but the design has remained the same. Now instead of a multi-colored version, the logo is defined by a modern, monochromatic look.

This district mark represents a student and is made of the "D" and "C" of Douglas County.

The understated design and muted colors speak to the strength and traditions of our District.





The DCSD logo should be monochromatic or in other words, only one color. It may be displayed in:

Other DCSD colors
Consistency is important-- which is why we have outlined an expanded palette of colors which can be used in conjunction with our website and other graphic projects.





Specific branding has been created for the District's Strategic Plan, including icons, taglines and colors. These elements should only be used in concert with District recognized exemplars in Safety, Choice, World Class Education and System Performance.

Maximizing physical, psychological and online safety for students, staff and community.

Matching children to the best learning environment creates the highest probability of success.

World Class Education
Preparing our students to be the best in the world.

System Performance
Defining and measuring what matters most.


Share your good news or event!

We know that there are great things going on in our schools every day. Help us to celebrate the achievements of our students, teachers, and staff to parents and the Douglas County community!

The kinds of school stories and events we cover: When determining news coverage, we seek out interesting or unique stories that would appeal to the broader Douglas County community, such as:

  • Events or activities that highlight your school's academic excellence
  • Activities that show a diversity of education and excellence (authentic learning, STEM, outdoor learning, expeditionary learning, etc.)
  • Individual student, teacher, or staff member achievements
  • School/Student fundraising achievements for third-party nonprofit causes
  • Annual school traditions
  • Promotion in the DCSD Events Guide for high school plays and musicals
  • Profiles of teachers and principals
  • District, state, regional and national level competitions and championships
  • Multiple schools collaborating within DCSD on a project or activity

Depending on the story or event, we may provide coverage via social media, a written article, photo coverage and/or video coverage. For event promotion, we typically include school events in our monthly DCSD Event Guide.

The kinds of school stories and events we do not cover: 

  • School fundraisers such as Fun-Runs
  • School-level competitions
  • Promotion of elementary and middle school plays and musicals
  • Event video recording or Livestreaming for non-news coverage purposes


Please include the graduating year if the good news pertains to an individual student past or present.