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Risk Management

John Zimmerman

Kate Van Horn>
Asst. Director

Debbie Warren
Secretary to the Director







701 Prairie Hawk Drive
Castle Rock, CO 80109
Phone: 720-433-1104
Fax: 720-433-0071

Risk Management is focused on providing a safe learning environment for all students, staff and visitors while on school district property. We accomplish this through a proactive approach to accident prevention and claims management.

Our Safety Management Services Include:

  • Accident Investigations
  • Adult School Crossing Guard Program
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance
  • Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) Program
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Program
  • Employee Safety Issues
  • Ergonomics
  • Playground Safety
  • Safety Training Program
  • Student Safety Issues
  • Traffic Safety
  • Other Safety Related Issues

DCSD encourages kids to walk or bike to school, because it: 

  • Develops healthy habits
  • Helps reduce traffic congestion at schools
  • Improves the environment
  • Is Fun!

Student safety is our first priority, including when students are on their way to and from school. We encourage students to walk or ride in groups and to use safe routes.

Below, you will find maps of safe walking routes for your children to take on their way to and from school:

The District values the safety of its employees. While our goal is avoid injuries in the workplace, when an accident occurs, we are here to help.

Our Workers' Compensation Services Include:

  • Initial contact and ongoing claims administration and support
  • Fitness for duty examinations
  • Student internship workers compensation administration
  • Post-offer pre-placement physicals

According to Colorado Revised Statute 8-40-102, Douglas County School District provides Workers Compensation benefits for injured employees.  If an employee sustains an injury during the course and scope of their job, they are eligible for Workers Compensation benefits.

Workers compensation general guidelines procedures to be followed for the medical treatment of on the job injuries

Douglas County School District is qualified to self-insure for Workers Compensation claims. House Bill 1176, passed by the Colorado legislature during the 2007 legislative session, made a significant change to the Colorado Workers Compensation Act. This new law requires that the employer or insured must provide a list of at least two medical providers from which an injured employee may choose treatment in the event of a work-related injury. This went into effect January 1, 2008. Please contact Risk Management at 720-433-1087 for the list of authorized medical providers.

All work-related injuries must be reported within 24 hours. Please fill out the Employee Injury/Illness Report Form immediately. The injury forms are located in the "About Us" tab on the Risk Management website.  

The employee or supervisor should notify Risk Management as soon as possible after becoming aware of a work-related injury. If the work-related injury is a limb or life threatening injury, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency facility.

Failure to treat with one of the authorized medical providers physicians could result in non-payment of medical bills and loss of benefits. For example, if you treat with your primary care physician, your medical treatment will not be covered under workers’ compensation.

Workers Compensation Procedures

  • Employee injuries need to be reported within 24 hours to your supervisor and Risk Management.  Please call 720-433-1087 to report the injury.  
  • The First Report of Injury W.C. Employee Injury/Illness Report Form must be filled out and submitted to Risk Management.  Reports should be faxed to 720-433-0071.  
  • If the injury is life or limb threatening, call 911 and go to an emergency medical facility.
  • For work-related injuries, employees must treat with an authorized treating physicians.
  • A list of authorized medical providers will be provided by the Case Manager.
  • Employees are not authorized to treat with their own personal Primary Care Physicians.
  • If a W.C. physician determines you are not able to work, the first three days will be deducted from your sick leave.
  • Employees must notify Risk Management immediately if the W.C. physician restricts you from working.  
  • Employees are paid 2/3 of their average weekly wage for time missed.  
  • Employees are permitted to use  sick leave for the other 1/3 to bring paychecks to a normal daily per diem.
  • It is expected that employees will schedule medical appointments after work hours.

Student Interns

The Colorado Workers Compensation Statute, 8-40-202(1)(a)(IV) requires that any person who may at any time be receiving training under any work or job training program sponsored by any school district and who is placed with any employer for the purpose of training or learning trades or occupations shall be deemed while so engaged to an employee of the respective school district sponsoring such training.”

Douglas County Schools carries the workers compensation insurance coverage for all students that participate in internship programs or job shadowing programs. This requirement is for students who are not receiving compensation.

Please forward a list that includes the student’s names and work sites to Risk Management.  We will send you a letter and a copy of the Certificate of Insurance. 

Fitness for Duty Exam

  • Before returning to your regular position, employees are required to have a Fitness for duty exam.
  • Fax your return-to-work medical release from your primary care physician to Risk Management at 720-433-0071.
  • An appointment will be scheduled for you with one of our Occupational Medical Physicians.
  • A Fitness for Duty examination will be scheduled with one of our Occupational Medical Physicians.
  • A determination will be made by the designated physician as to whether an employee can perform the essential function of their job.

Pre-Placement Physicals (POPP) Procedures

  • Applicants (Custodians, EA IV, TEAs. Bus Drivers, Food Service personnel and Operation and Maintenance) are required to undergo a pre-placement physical.
  • A medical questionnaire will be provided and must be filled out prior to scheduled appointment.

Appointments will be scheduled with Denver Physical Therapy by the District's hiring contact.

Contact Us

TJ Crawford
Workers Comp Administrator

Student Insurance

Our Student Insurance products protect thousands of kids from the bumps and bruises of growing up. Various K12 Accident and Health Plans are available through your school:

  • At-School Accident Only
  • 24-Hour Accident Only
  • Extended Dental
  • Football

For further details of the coverage including costs, benefits, exclusions, any reductions or limitations and the terms under which the policy may be continued in force, please refer to

Enroll Now

How to Enroll
Enrolling online is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Go to and click the “Enroll Now” button.

Enrollment Process

  1. Start by telling us the name of the school district and state where your child attends school.
  2. We’ll request each student’s name and grade level.
  3. You’ll see the available plans and their rates. Select your coverage and continue to the next step.
  4. We’ll request your contact information.
  5. Next, you’ll enter information about the child or children to be covered.
  6. Enter your credit card or eCheck payment information.
  7. Finally, print out a copy of the confirmation for your records.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions that we recieve most often.

Q. Am I protected from liability while doing my job?

A. As a District employee, you are covered by the District's liability insurance program against civil liability claims as long as you are acting within the scope of your duties. Similar to other Governmental Entities, the School District has immunity from most lawsuits under the terms of the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act.

Q. Does the District pay the medical costs when a student gets hurt at school?

A. The District does not purchase, or have in place, any medical insurance to cover injuries to students, whether incurred at school or while on activity trips. Parents are responsible for providing medical insurance coverage for their children. Insurance coverage underwritten by K&K Insurance Company can be purchased by parents for students at

Q. What if I get hurt on the job? What do I do?

A. If you get hurt, even if it is a minor injury, you need to immediately report the injury to your supervisor and complete an Employee Injury/Illness Report Form, which is available from your supervisor or on our website.