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    Foundational to the success of our schools is the achievement of three key elements: educational excellence, stakeholder satisfaction, and a positive culture and climate.

  • 87 Schools in 2 Months

    During her first two months, Interim Superintendent Erin Kane visited every DCSD school to hear from the schools’ leaders and staff first-hand. The feedback led to her 11-point action plan.

  • Always student-centered

    Every day, every decision is focused on our students.

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Douglas County School District Interim Superintendent Erin Kane

Erin Kane is the Interim Superintendent of the Douglas County School District, Colorado’s third largest school District, serving approximately 67,000 students.

Kane brings a broad range of experiences to her latest role with DCSD. As the Executive Director of American Academy, she has built a charter system with a third campus expected to open in 2017. Kane previously spent time in the high technology industry in project development, project management, education and consulting. She earned her engineering degree in applied mathematics and computer science from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The Superintendent’s responsibility is to ensure accomplishment of the Board of Education's goals and vision for the District.
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2017 Superintendent Evaluation by the DCSD Board of Education

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Interim Superintendent Goals
In October, the Board of Education met with Interim Superintendent Erin Kane, setting the following goals for SY 2017-2018:


GOAL 1:  Focus on Climate and Culture throughout DCSD

Objective: Create and foster a work environment that will increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover*.

  1. Examine DCSD’s Core Values, solicit feedback from students, staff, committees and the community and recommend a refresh to the Board of Education.
  2. Continue to promote organization-wide practices around cultural norms and communication. Measure by the responses to communications to employees and parents as well as by personal conduct.
  3. Follow board policy regarding the chain of communication for staff, parent, and community grievances.
  4. Continue to meet with stakeholder groups and be willing to listen to and compile updated feedback.
  5. Demonstrate transparent communication. Send the board regular updates with an honest view of the status of the district. Be honest about mistakes and challenges. Communicate honestly and regularly with staff, parents and community. Clearly communicate challenges and how they are being addressed.
  6. Focus on climate and culture in the operations group. Survey the group in the winter and again in the spring to look for improvements.
  7. Continue to improve organization turnover. Measure by looking at the number of employee resignations (by group) known at the end of the school year as compared to the number of resignations known at the end of the last two school years.*

*Understanding that the financial reasons for turnover (pay not competitive) cannot be resolved at this time.



GOAL 2Lead a Stable Transition through the Interim Period

Objective: Bring stability to the district and leave DCSD in a better place than it was prior to September 2017.

  1. Collect additional feedback from school leaders to determine how we did on the original action plan
  2. Create a new Action Plan, based on the updated feedback from schools.
  3. Create and execute a plan to address each item in the new Action Plan.
  4. Continue to communicate expectations during this interim period.
  5. Create a document outlining the responsibilities and budget managed under each leadership position in the current organization.
  6. Once a superintendent search is underway, establish a transition team.



GOAL 3:  Plan for the Potential of a Mill Levy Override and Bond Election in 2018

Objective: Develop a financial and communication plan for a 2018 bond and mill levy override initiative.

  1. Prepare and communicate two budget scenarios for the 2018-19 school year, depending on the outcome of a potential bond/mlo initiative
  2. Continue to work with the Joint Committee to assist them in their efforts to provide a recommendation to the Board of Education.
  3. Develop a comprehensive funding communication and outreach plan.
  4. Continue to educate school, district, and community leaders on the realities of state and local funding.
  5. Make recommendations to the Board of Education with respect to prioritized uses of potential bond and mill levy override dollars.



GOAL 4:  Make a Recommendation to the Board of Education with Respect to Educational Excellence and Pay for Performance

Objective: Collect stakeholder feedback and use in the preparation of recommendations.

  1. Analyze the Community Survey results to use in recommendations.
  2. Collect and compile additional feedback from all stakeholders, including educators, parents, students, staff, and community members.
  3. Develop a recommendation around defining educational excellence to inform the strategic plan and BOE end statements.
  4. Develop a plan for measuring educational excellence.
  5. Develop a recommendation for the future of pay for performance and compensation in DCSD.